I don't know about you, but when I work on anything I NEED background music. I've always been curious to hear what my peers listen to when they are studying, writing, reading, coding, etc. Some friends of mine claim they can only listen to instrumental music if they are studying, but they cannot listen when they are writing. Others believe that classical music is the only genre they can listen to while working. Or, you could be like my peculiar friend who swears by death metal to achieve max productivity.

I became obsessed with listening to music while I work after I discovered a new genre called Lofi Beats or Lofi Hip Hop. It began when I first entered college and I had a much higher volume of work.

Something about the soothing and atmospheric fusion of jazz and hip hop jumbled alongside fantastic samples and awesome rhythms kept me motivated, calm, and happy while studying. If you are not familiar with the genre, check out two songs from my favorite Lofi artist - or explore the genre on everynoise.com.

Soothing... Right? Not only is the genre impactful for my productivity, I've found it to become a way for me to meditate and relax. Plus, if you are a musician yourself, you can hum your own tune on top and make the song whatever you want it to be.

To spread the love of Lofi, I've decided to create a curated radio website featuring tunes from my favorite Youtube live streams, videos, and SoundCloud playlists. Everything you can find there is built to accompany you while you work and study.

Here is the URL:  studykangaroo.com

*Note - The website is desktop optimized. While the site will load great for mobile, you would have to keep your browser open while you listen to music.

If you want to chat or have any song suggestions for the website, send me an email!