Lucas Negritto

Hey there. My name is Lucas Negritto and I am a student at Santa Clara University. A little about me? I love to solve problems, especially ones that affect many people. Most people know me as a software developer, but in reality I enjoy learning tools that solve problems. I am passionate about the intersection of technology and education, privacy and security, and how internet usage has changed society. After hours, I am dropping  on soundcloud.

the fun i've had so far:

2016 - Present

A large classroom should feel like a small one​

I started ParStar in high school with my two friends Phil Donnelly and Madhav Mohan. We saw that students in large classrooms were reluctant to participate and a clear solution was a platform to ask the professor questions anonymously. We quickly saw the potential of big data within the classroom, and have created a platform with many features since our inception.

2018 - Present

Eco-friendly web solutions led by college students​

Reece Carolan and I founded HelloStudios my freshman year at Santa Clara. Reece has an eye for design and entrepreneurship in his blood. We loved to work with creative people and shared the vision of creating elegant software solutions. 

2019 - Present

Speakers & Networking at Santa Clara University

If you are going to school in the heart of Silicon Valley, you have to take advantage it! OneUp invites inspiring people from the valley to have interesting and important conversations with SCU students and faculty. 

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